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Saturday, July 25th:

After a delicious brunch at Radoust, Marie leads the group up to the "shady" part of Prague again to see a modern art museum. The building is huge, 5 floors of art from the 19th century til today. After two floors, we begin speeding seeing and grabbing a seat on anything available.



We head back into the main area of town and stop by Tesco, the local grocery store. Marie's scans the aisles for anything Kraft related, of course, and we salivate over the selection of meats and cheeses. We turn the corner and hit up U Flecku, the same old-school bar. Again we find an accordion and tuba player, but this time there is a rowdy table of Brazilians singing along. Mama Sims knows the oldies, and we all sing along and pound the table when we recognize a tune. The visit ends with Suzy trying to teach our Austrian neighbors how to hoot through their hands. Good times.



After strolling around for a little while longer, we take a break at Slavka Cafe on the river and enjoy some hot chocolate and coffee with Absinthe. Unique and potent flavor!


We grab some dinner and then head to another brewery to sample some more pivo. We order a Giraffe (not the animal, but a tall cylinder of about 8 beers) of wheat beer and a sampler of 8 flavors: coffee, light, dark, bananas, nettle, special, sour cherry, wheat. We teach Mama Sims how to play whoosh and spend the next few hours enjoying the beer and laughing.



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The Ladies Arrive!

Marie and Suzy join me in Prague!

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Friday, July 24th:

Marie and Suzy arrive safe and sound in Prague. Marie has the map and itinerary ready by the time I pick them up! On our way to an awesome outdoor market, Havel, we run into a Folk Dance performance in Wenceslas square. It's 10:30 am, time for a beer!

After perusing the market stalls with fresh produce and toys (Suzy was in heaven), we go to watch the Astronomical clock. In classic Suzy fashion, she misses the show while starring at it through her camera lens. Ooops.


We head over to Charles Bridge and the Lenin Wall, stopping to take plenty of photos, both smiling and Euro on the way. We've been watching closely and have perfected the look and stance.


We grab a light lunch before taking the tram up to Petrin Hill. Marie gets artsy on her camera in the rose garden. There is a huge swing in front of the Eiffel Tower, so of course we have to give that a whirl. We spend a good 30 minutes swinging and singing Taylor Swift.



We bypass climbing the tower and head over towards Castle Hill. We pause in an old-school pub en route for a Kozel beer. Here we meet a random guy from Kentucky whose teacher tries to convince us that he should tour us around the city. Slightly creepy and Suzy reminds us that this is a girl's trip, no boys allowed! The beer is absolutely delicious and the best we've had to date. We visit St. Vitus Church and the gardens before heading down to pick up mom.



Marie's itinerary includes a trip to an outdoor beer garden and burger place, Fraktal, on Letna hill, another hill in Prague in a not-so-great neighborhood. The picnic tables, local crowd, beer and view are well worth the questing looks coming from Mama Sims. And, the burgers earn an 8 on the delicious scale.



We head back to Marie and Suzy's hostel for some late night Catch Phrase before meeting up with Christine and touring a couple of bars before heading in for the night. I down a B-52 shot, Baileys, Kaluah and Absinthe before we head in for the night.

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Cheers, in Czech, although probably very misspelled.

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Thursday, July 23rd:

Christine, mom and I started out the day with the high hopes of visiting Terezin, a holding camp for Jews before being sent to concentration camps. However, after what felt like a nightmare from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, we scrapped the trip to spend the day seeing more sights.


We began our search for the Wallenstein Palace, home of the Czech Senate. It took us a while to realize the building was right next door to our hotel! Inside are gardens, fountains, peacocks, and a wall made to look like the inside of a cave.


Next stop: Lenin Wall. The first thing you'll notice in Prague is the graffiti that dominates every wall in town, including those of historical buildings. The Lenin Wall was an attempt to curb this trend by providing a free wall for artists to use. It's also a place for tourists to leave behind messages and names. Down the street are these massive baby statues. This hideous tv tower that dominates the skyline is decorated with the crawling babies, and a park has a few extras.


Our last stop of the night was U Flecku, a bar and restaurant open since 1499. We had some delicious coffee beer, along with an accordion and tuba player. The beer was delicious and the entertainment unforgettable!


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Petrin Hill and other highlights

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Wednesday, July 22nd:

After a little shopping in Old Town Square, mom and I headed back to the Jewish Quarter. This time, everything was open and we toured around to a variety of synagogues and the cemetery. We walked slowly so we could listen in on a tour ahead of us. Very informative and free.


After a lunch of mussels and fries, Christine joined us for a tram ride up to Petrin Hill, the highest hill in Prague. The hill is home to rose gardens, a miniature Eiffel Tower (with 299 steps that we did climb), and a mirror maze. After the spectacular views from the Tower, the maze was sadly disappointing, but did provide plenty of damaging photos.



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Prague Castle

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Tuesday, July 21st:

The three of us head out to Prague Castle today, which is actually located directly behind our hotel. Our first stop is St. Vitus Church, a massive gothic structure that dominates the city's skyline. Even though we get there early, there's a line just like those at Great America. The wait was definitely worth it!


After walking around the castle for a bit, we run into the Lobkowicz family museum. Amazing family collection of art work, statues, jewelry, porcelain, weapons, and instruments. The family, connected through bloodlines to former kings and queens, was taken by the Nazis in the 40s when the family was forced to leave. Then recovered again, but lost once more to the communists. The family has been putting the collection back together for the past 20 years. Fascinating stuff! And, the view from the museum's cafe was breathtaking.


The main square in front of the castle was immense and the guards were almost as intense as those in front of Buckingham Palace. After a brief stop at the Strahov Monastery, we head back to Old Square for some quality shopping. The night ends with delicious pizza at Matilda's near Christine's apartment.


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